Paul Cronin

Robot Weekend World Cup Geo Day 2

On Board 1 South holds

KJ9532     Q     AQ86     AQ

After passes by N and E, what is your opening bid?

This particular S opened 1C.

West passes, and N bids 1H.

East passes, and it’s back to S….what would your call be?

S’s actual rebid was 3NT  (why would you want to mention a 6 card spade suit ?) ,

making 5, for a score of 99.62%

On to Board 2, where there are again two passes to South, who holds

AQ82     K964     5     A1082     and you would open ???

This time our intrepid S opens 1D.

West passes and N bids 2D, which E passes. Back to S, and your rebid is ??

S’s actual bid was….2H…..I guess you don’t play reverses with a robot partner.

W passes, and N bids 3D, which E passes.

Back to you as S, and you bid ??

S’s actual rebid was……what else?…….3NT…….making 3 for a score of 99.6%.

Does this have any relation to bridge?

Out of the 8 boards played, S played 3NT six times, and 4 S once.

Six of the eight N-S results scored over 90%, and S is BBO’s top master-point holder.

Not the grand and majestic game that Judy so often brings back memories of !

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