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Dis: my posts from 2017 have disappeared – hope this isn’t tied into the emails the DOJ can’t find 🙂

Dat: what to make of the upcoming “Reach” game – a Regional that will be played at clubs February 3, 5-9, with gold points being awarded. And the 3 day online game that will be held again this year with robots as partner and opponents….with the winner being awarded a national championship. Maybe the next steps should be an NABC at clubs, and then an NABC online with three robots? Come to think of it….why not a totally robot NABC where you hire a robot to play for you? A little hyperbole above to make a point, but…..where on earth are we headed, and why? Maybe to find out why we should heed the advice Deep Throat gave Bob Woodward about Watergate, which was “Follow the money”. Just my opinion, but much of the above detracts greatly from the beauty and majesty of a game which is very near and dear to me. 


JRGJanuary 25th, 2018 at 1:42 pm

Hi Paul,
Good to see you posting. Lisa or another MPP staffer will be contacting you to see if you have any back-up copies of your posts. It doesn’t matter what format (Word, RTF, text…) as we will do whatever is necessary to recover your 2017 blog posts.

On behalf of the MPP staff, our apologies for the disaster that struck.

JudyJanuary 25th, 2018 at 11:03 pm

Hi Paul,

Your remarks about where we are headed was tongue in cheek. I salute your restraint!

High level bridge in Zone 2 eventually (if not much sooner) will fade into nothingness .. but obviously those at the helm don’t care!

I cherish the days of yore.

Bobby WolffFebruary 1st, 2018 at 6:15 am

Hi Paul,

It is indeed doubtful that any bridge player still surviving remembers a 1940’s great radio show, aptly named “It Pays to be Ignorant”.

A typical question for the panel of comedians (trying to act as normal people but instead crashing) would be “Did LIncoln die before or after he gave his Gettysburg Address?” Immediately one of the illustrative panelists would query, “may I ask, was Abraham’s wife still alive or would that answer be a giveaway to the main question”?

Is the ACBL now joining in with the panel? If it has to do with “follow the money” they most certainly are, but sadly, how in heaven’s name could anything positive come from such a dismal and disjointed experiment?

Please say “say, it ain’t so, Joe” an oft expressed emotion by a baseball fan back in 1919 when the Chicago Black Sox intentionally threw the World Series and their star Shoeless Joe Jackson was either the goat or at least that animal with scape its first name.

What person(s) in Horn Lake admits to being in favor of this horrible aberration?


Robot Wolff

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