Paul Cronin

What to bid?

A friend called me this morning to discuss a hand he played at the local club last week, where he held


After opening 2C, and getting a 2D response, what should his next bid be? Have never seen a 30 HCP hand before, and probably never will again.

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Judy Kay-WolffMay 13th, 2013 at 10:55 am


I, too, had never seen a 30 HCP hand until the Friday, May 10th Western Conference Stac Game this past Friday. It was


It was a fortunate hand as partner held:

865 104 Q974 9875

The SQ was on side and the CK was singleton in front of the AQ. Deep Finesse’s analysis (double dummy) deems 6NT and 6S as the top two contracts that can be fulfilled. It takes a little handling but fate plays a major role. At our game, one pair bid and made 6NT, one went down in 6S but the field was in 3NT making five. With the lay of the cards, Bobby pointed out that 6S makes by ruffing the third heart, taking a spade finesse, leaving the good SQ outstanding and (after the D10 lead), lead up to the DQ, hooking the Jack. Magically the club king falls.

So much for thirty point hands and the luck factor!

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