Paul Cronin

This is about bridge!

After an auction starting 2C by South –>2D by North, North lands in 6D holding

AK942       8654      53       K2
Dummy holds     6      AK      AKJ86      AQJ106
The opening lead from LHO is the club 8 – singleton, hmmmm…….?
How would you plan the play?
Additionally, should North have bid 2S rather than 2D ?

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Richard KendallAugust 14th, 2013 at 2:59 pm

This looks like we may have to turn a lemon into lemonade?
Partner’s 2D response is OTLish.
6NT is where most will be. It will make on any 3-3 dia break or when the Q is 4th and onside.
Therefore, I will plan to drop the doub Q offside.
If this is an IMP or team game problem, I guess dia finesse is all that can be defensible?

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