Paul Cronin

News Flash – Tournament Results!

Friday    B,C,D, Pairs      28 tables     1st.      Luap Ninorc       22.05 MP

             A,X       Pairs      24 tables     1st.      Dref Elegum       11.22 MP

I no sooner suggest it, and there it is!   

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MustafaDecember 2nd, 2015 at 9:53 am

I have never believed that Robert Spencer was an angel; his chiildsh tirades with that idiot Reza Aslan are a case in point. This slip-up merely reflects that the man is fallible; but let us not forget the sacrifices he has made and still makes by standing in the breach for us and risking all for a cause we all espouse and admire. Every day his life is at stake, and I shudder to imagine the vacuum that would be left behind if Islam (or the West) succeeded in silencing him…

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