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Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die.

For a long time, club players had the right to file reports or complaints with their Unit Recorder. This right was taken away by the ACBL. Why?

TDs at Nationals are mandated by the ACBL ZT policy to make ZT announcements before every session. They don’t. Why?

ACBL Board members are elected by the Unit Boards rather than by the membership at large. Why?

Just wondering!




Judy Kay-WolffDecember 19th, 2011 at 7:25 pm


I can’t answer your question but in the club games we are all at the mercy of the directors.
Some are better than others and all know how to read out of the rule book. But, at most points, the buck stops there. Many are incapable of interpretting what the rules mean and bumble their way to a ruling — not necessarily the right one.

As far as making a pre-announcement at the Nationals (which I have not attended in over three years), I think it is up to the offended party to call the director and report the incident. I, for one, would not tolerate poor behavior and call the director immediately.
The same goes for hesitations, huddles and shrugs followed by a pass and a balance by partner. It is time we stand up and be counted.

I think the answer is the ACBL does not want to step on toes and is desirous of supporting a nice friendly atmosphere, regardless of who oversteps the bounds. The less incidents, the better.

Bill CubleyDecember 23rd, 2011 at 3:48 am


I am the reason club director complaints cannot be handled locally. Club playing director tried to have me arrested [2 cops came] for telling him to take out his ccards, count them, and look at them. Appeals went to the unit-no action, district-no action ofr over 1 year, ACBL BOD-remand to unit, wait 10 mos, demand unit be charged for laziness and finally a district committee let’s the change his story from the original district hearing. Only took 3 years!

Paul CroninDecember 23rd, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Hello Bill,

Can you give us the complete story of what your experience was? When did the original incident occur? Where? What was the situation at the table? Was your opponent the director? The club manager? You can’t send an appeal to a Unit, so what did you send – a report or a complaint? What did you send to the District? What did you send to the ACBL BOD? Did the ACBL BOD send the matter back to the Unit? How did it come about that a District committee was then convened? What happened at the District hearing? You say the District committee let ??? change his story from the original district hearing, but earlier you said the District took no action originally. It would really help us to understand what happened here if you could lay things out in a logical chronological order.

Paul CroninDecember 23rd, 2011 at 5:57 pm

Hello again, Bill,

I found the following in the minutes of the 2007 ACBL BOD’s meeting in San Francisco, and am now even more confused. The ACBL BOD says the Unit failed to hold the hearing in accordance with the provisions of the CDR, but you say that no action was taken by the Unit. It also refers to the decision of the District 21 Appellate Committee, whereas you say the District took no action. Very difficult to make sense of this.

Item 073-01: Report on Hearings
In the matter of the appeal of Bill Cubley, ACBL # L338436, v the decisions of the Unit 502 Disciplinary Committee and the District 21 Appellate Committee:
The Committee finds that the failure of the unit hearing to provide prior notice of the hearing and to conduct the hearing in the presence of the parties was a substantial violation of process as noted in Section 5 of the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations (CDR). Therefore, the matter is remanded to the Unit 502 Disciplinary Committee for a new hearing on the complaints by Mr. Cubley regarding Mr. Handler’s conduct.
It is suggested that the Unit hearing committee consist of an odd number of members with a minimum of three members.
The Unit 502 Disciplinary Committee shall use the CDR in effect at the time the complaint was made.
[The barring of a player from an ACBL sanctioned game at a club is governed by The ACBL Handbook of Rules and Regulations, Chapter 4, Section Three, IV, G and is not part of the subject of the hearing on remand (see below).]

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