Paul Cronin


Please contact your district representives on the ACBL Board of Directors and ask them for their support in getting the following motion passed at the Toronto meeting of the Board of Directors: 

Item 112-87: Player Conduct / Misconduct at Clubs
Moved that:
Player conduct and/or misconduct occurring at any ACBL Club is hereby made subject to actions by Units, Districts, or the ACBL to enforce any violations of the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. This is applicable to any actions and/or conduct in violation of the Code


Judy Kay-WolffJuly 15th, 2011 at 1:19 pm

I am passing this on to Bonnie BAGLEY, MY DISTRICT REP. I
heartily agree. You gotta start somewhere and the club is the obvious place.


John Howard GibsonJuly 15th, 2011 at 8:00 pm

HBJ : What constitutes misconduct ? Does your CODE identify the point at which inconsiderate behaviour crosses that boundary into inappropriate behaviour ? Does it flag up when inappropriate crosses that boundary into offensive and aggressive behaviour ? Surely has to be a penalty point system in place, where if you clock up say 20 points it is a temporary ban.
All to often big players get away with blue murder with victims too much in awe to volunteer complaints. So all of a sudden double standards set in…..along side countless inconsistencies of enforcement….. not to mention the numerous blind eyes.

In my club, if you face fits no one says a dickie ….but if your face doesn’t, then moving a bridge mate in an untoward manner is treated as the crime of the century !
The whole issue is frought with difficulties…..the first one being defining categories ( and boundaries) of misconduct.
Yours wondering whether a non response or cold shoulder to a greeting is a violation of the Code. And does saying ” frig me ” represent a profanity ? Yours HBJ

Bill CubleyJuly 18th, 2011 at 11:39 pm

I am the reason the ACBL took away local oversight. Seems a club owner/director playing in his own game played one of 3 boards and left the table for no reason. No reason being defined as no direcotr call.
He returned and refused to take his hand from the board. I was North/dealer and exercised my right to remind him it is a law that players must remove the hand from the board, count the cards and then look at the hand.
I am yelled at as barred [still in place much longer than any cheater was ever barred] and the police called to arrest me.
You bet the ACBL will never let local auhtorities punish a direct for this.

Bill CubleyJuly 18th, 2011 at 11:43 pm

Another ACBL director at a sectional assigned my team to play team 30 after the break. I saw the match and said there is no team 30 to the director. The director ignored this.
So our team sat at our home table with no opponents.
Noticing we were not playing the director hurriedly rushed to fix things.
I asked for the tournament chair and the contact info for her supervisor. She never did so. Another director did provide me the information
Made a compalint to the unit and the director’s supervisor. NO ACTION except the unit wrote they bucked to the director’s supervisor.
Months later NO ACTION. I wrote Jay Baum. Jim Miller replied the action is over. But nothing was done.

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