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Here I go again!

With the Reno NABC coming up in 5 days, I am repeating my usual NABC request and asking anyone planning to be in Reno to keep an ear out and let this blog know if the ACBL- mandated Zero Tolerance announcements are made by the directors before each session. 

To refresh memories re the above, the ACBL ZT  Policy states in part:

The following procedures have been given to the tournament directors for implementation.

  1. At the start of each event, the director shall make an announcement that the tournament will be observing ZERO TOLERANCE for unacceptable behavior. It is requested that the director be called whenever behavior is not consistent with the guidelines outlined above.

The above is quite clear, particularly the word “shall”.

It also does not tell the directors to say “Be nice” or “Have an enjoyable day” , but rather to announce that “….the tournament will be observing ZERO TOLERANCE” for unacceptable behaviour”.

For anyone wanting a great presentation of what ZT, customer service, and good club management are about, and more, I urge you to watch the four excellent videos presented by ACBL TD Dan Plato. You can find them on YouTube using

and then add to the address above    1-rtL16r5a8         for Part 1

                                                           Z3z8CAXC6Jw    for Part 2

                                                           COR5Ea-qAdU    for Part 3

                                                           oS9Iu9O3AM4     for Part 4 








Judy Kay-WolffMarch 13th, 2016 at 4:04 pm

Hi Paul,

Although I have not been frequenting the Nationals in the last several years (LV AND SF being the exceptions), I do feel very strongly about people being aware of ZERO TOLERANCE. I did note on page 13 of today’s ACBL DAILY BULLETIN (on line) that there was an article entitled “Please be on your best behavior.”

With all the ugly publicity our game is getting because of the cheating accusations across the sea, it is so important that manners are stressed at the table. I don’t know what the outcome will be (and they seem to be stalling regarding the three pairs who have not as yet been tried), but I feel so strongly (if proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt), that permanent expulsion is appropriate.

When I came on the scene in the early sixties, it was spoken about in hushed tongues as the ACBL feared law suits and who could blame them. However, it may have been nipped in the bud had it been addressed at the onset. I suppose I feel that way as I am bitter my late husband, Norman Kay, NEVER won a world championship — and the reason is known to all astute oldtimers. He was as good as just about anyone in those days but alas it was not to be!

Forgive my rant .. but some memories never die.

Thanks for doing all you can for the game. We need more Paul Cronins who appreciate the majesty of bridge when played properly.



paul croninMarch 14th, 2016 at 1:33 am

Hi Judy,
Indeed a shame that Norman was deprived of winning a world championship -several many times by the Italian Blue Team. Norman was truly a great player, and had an enviable string of North American championships to his name. I think he would have approved of ZT, given that he was such a gentleman both at and away from the table, and was renowned for never criticizing his partner. He would, I think, be appalled by what seems to be happening today at the highest levels, and the taint it has placed on so many championships.
Many thanks for your kind remarks!

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